About Us


HMT founders developed and published the morphing 1.0 and 2.0 algorithms. They tested morphing in several projects with companies ranging from British Telecom (UK), GM (U.S.), CNET.com (part of the CBS group in the US), to Suruga bank (Japan) and others. The results were extremely encouraging. For example, they observed increases in click-through rates of up to 97% and 103% at CNET and they showed that increases in purchase probability (conversion, sometimes called within-website lead optimization) could be of 20% or more in other projects.
Morphing is the next step in personalization, way beyond behavioral targeting. Morphing answers the question: “after we target, how do we communicate?” Morphing provides true personalization by delivering individual messages and ads to individual consumers. Morphing serves webpages and ads to match the consumer style in real time based on its mathematical algorithm, available on the Amazon cloud.   Morphing can be used as a SaaS service to replace behavioral targeting and A/B testing tools, or to supplement both.
HyperMorphing Technologies was founded in The Netherlands by the creators of morphing to deliver Morphing 3.0 in Europe. This commercial version is being distributed to a few selected leading retailers to maximize commercial impact and the diffusion of morphing in the best-run online operations in the industry. This commercial version includes multiple devices and information from the entire purchase funnel.
Two of founders are based in Boston (Prof. John Hauser and Prof. Glen Urban) and one is in Rotterdam (Prof. Gui Liberali), who act as principals in all key projects. All project managers and analysts that work in client’s projects were personally trained by Professor Liberali in Rotterdam.  New groups of analysts are trained and handed to partner companies every year.


John Hauser
Glen Urban
Gui Liberali
Co-founder and principal
Sander Koole
Head of Technique

Furthermore, we work with various other specialists: analysts, system engineers and developers to deliver our high quality software to our clients.